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Welcome to GMMUpcycling.com

We’re giving a second life to the retired light pole banners that you see decorating our streets and advertising everything from an art exhibit to a civic pride event. Once taken down, many of these banners may end up going right to a landfill.

At GMM Upcycling, we’re committed to saving these banners (and our Earth) from this fate by repurposing them into useful, fun, and cool looking products.

These banners were once hanging on our streets for months at a time, so the durability is second to none. The material – a vinyl coated polyester – is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It will last almost forever…and so will the products we’ve created.

Ordering is simple. Just choose a desired product and the banner you’d like the product made from. Banner selection gives you an idea of the colors your product will have, but we cannot guarantee which portion of the banner will be used or the exact condition of the upcycled material.*

You can also own an original, unaltered banner or banner set. Most banners roughly measure 35” x 96” each (except where noted). They make great wall art!

*Note: All efforts are made to create the best looking product possible with the banner you requested. Please also note that these banners flew over busy city streets for months at a time. It’s reasonable that imperfections in the material may exist due to the original use.

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